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Want To Buy Top Rated eBay Seller Account?

Top Rated eBay Seller Account

Many ebay sellers dream is to achieve the top rated sellers status as quick as.

Due to ebay strict regulations and restrictions,. The ebay sellers account holders failed to achieve this as early as possible.

Let’s discuss first what is meant by power sellers account and how to achieve it?

Top Rated eBay Sellers account

Ebay in terms mentioned the proficient sellers in its platform as ebay Powersellers.

They are the eBay sellers who do maintain high revenue i.e., high in sales that is even consistently from a period of time.

The Powersellers in reality sell only the legit goods and services that even in the reasonable prices.

Steps to achieve the Top Rated eBay Sellers Account status?

Getting the elite seller status does not come in one day, if you want to showcase yourself as a top rated ebay seller there you have to work hard. 

This factor gathers your listing the audience support, which in turn increases your products to push itself in the top rated ebay search algorithm.

Where this keeps you to maintain the frequent sales and providing the top-quality services to its customers

The essentiality to become the top rated ebay sellers account status are:

The seller should have to achieve at least 98% (or more) or ebay account feedback in a positive manner.

The seller has to achieve sales of more than 100 products and bring $3,000 worth of sales in the last year.

Ebay sellers account holders should have crossed at least 90 days after the opening.

DSR averages of 4.6 or higher with no more than 0.5% of transactions disputed

In general ebay has five PowerSeller levels, they are 

  • “Bronze” 
  • “Silver” 
  • “Gold” 
  • “Platinum”
  • “Titanium” 

Most important benefit is that it will allow the sellers to directly access the separate team.

Benefits Of Top Rated eBay seller Accounts Are:

You will get the eBay newsletters, 

Access to group health and other insurance rates access to PowerSeller templates

Stationery for marketing and communications purposes

Top Rated eBay Seller Program:

Top Rated ebay Seller account for sale are individually represented with the logos at the tops of certain auctions and fixed priced listings, indicating that the seller(s) in question were amongst eBay’s best and most experienced.

Though the listing featured logo and associated marketing have disappeared from eBay as the Top-Rated eBay Seller program has emerged

But still the top rated eBay Seller status is still at work behind the scenes for sellers tat  have earned it.

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