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How To Earn eBay Feedback Stars 2022 & Increase Your Sales

eBay Feedback Stars 2022

Hi readers! Today’s blog we are going to discuss the ebay feedback stars 2022 and how these ebay stars increase your ebay account sales.

Where are these ebay stars present?

The ebay stars about any sellers are visible to all the ones, any buyer / seller can get the other seller ratings info easily.

Ebay integrated this facility in its dashboard. 

If you want to notice the details about the star ratings of a particular seller on their “seller information” dashboard

You can also notice the colorful stars which pop up on product pages across that eBay seller’s account. 

The eBay stars appear at the right hand side of the ebay seller’s account name, and it is available with the ebay sellers account positive feedback percentage.

The star has a number beside it and this holds the info of ebay sellers account feedback scores.

The ebay stars are invisible to the new ebay sellers account and for those sellers we guide you in detail about the ebay stars ratings and its importance.

Ebay star ratings tells about the sellers reputation, and let’s discuss on the different star colors and its meaning

ebay feedback percentage depends on

if the seller gain 1 point for one positive ebay feedback

The seller lose one point for one negative ebay feedback

If the seller get neutral points, if neither they gain /lose

Ebay feedback score calculated on the basis of:.

Positive ratings – negative ratings = Feedback score

Based on the ebay account feedback score, you can determine the seller’s worth and make a decision whether to buy from that seller or not?

Let’s discuss more about the colors of the ebay stars

Yellow star:  It shows the seller has  10 feedback points

Blue star: It shows the seller has  50 feedback points

Turquoise star:  It shows the seller has 100 feedback points

Purple star: It shows the seller has 500 feedback points

Red star:  It shows the seller has  1,000 feedback points

Green star:  It shows the seller has 5,000 feedback points

Yellow shooting star:  It shows the seller has 10,000 feedback points

Turquoise shooting star:  It shows the seller has 25,000 feedback points

Purple shooting star:  It shows the seller has 50,000 feedback points

Red shooting star:  It shows the seller has 100,000 feedback points

Green shooting star:  It shows the seller has 500,000 feedback points

Silver shooting star:  It shows the seller has 1,000,000 feedback points

ebay Shooting stars:

The shooting stars are available only for the top rated ebay sellers and if you need an ebay seller to achieve this, the seller supposedly has to wait.

To become a qualified ebay seller the seller has to increase the ebay feedback and the sellers rating.

In reality the maximum amount of ebay feedback gains the maximum customer’s attention and trust.

As said before the buyers love to purchase from the sellers who do have ebay account feedback score 100%

The sellers can eventually search about the present ebay sellers account feedback score at the top of the seller feedback profile. 

The ebay stars also apply on the side of your score and as before said it is invisible for the new ebay sellers account.

Ebay search engine algorithm gives top listing preference for the sellers, only those who have good feedback score, sellers rating.

Shooting stars sellers have greater numbers of sales, if you don’t have it? Never worry, you can buy ebay stars instantly from reputable sellers like us.

Ebuyacc the best place to buy eBay Feedback Stars 2022

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On buying shooting stars from ebuyacc you can earn more visibility to all your listings and simultaneously can earn more business and revenues too.

We sell both the US ebay stars and the UK ebay stars at your convenience.

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Where you can immediately starts to do bulk listings and can immediately earn the customer reputation too.

As said before more ebay account feedback and star status, the more the sales brings into you.

Choose the package regarding the statement and enjoy the endless sales on the ebay platform.

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