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Benefits Of US eBay Managed Payment Over PayPal

US ebay account with the managed payments

Hi readers! Hope all doing great today we going to discuss the benefits of US eBay managed payments over the PayPal 

What Is US Managed PayMent Accounts?

eBay introduced its own eBay Managed Payments in 2018, eBay Managed Payments launched with the motto to simplify the checkout process and cut off the usage of PayPal login from its portal.

After the invade of US managed payments account the sellers and buyers got the option to pay with multiple payment methods

With eBay handling payments, US sellers able to maintain the streamlined process and more consistency with customer claims

At present eBay invited all its US ebay sellers to strictly use its US ebay managed payments system

Interestingly, by using the US eBay managed payment system, the buyers and sellers in the US ebay platform can easily get paid at one place.

More in option, it allows the buyers to pay with credit or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, all while being protected by eBay.

And the sellers can receive their US eBay managed payments, payouts with their registered US bank account. 

It also enables the sellers to schedule their funds in the manner of daily or weekly. The payouts are initiated within 2 business days (Monday through Friday, excluding bank holidays) of order confirmation.

US eBay managed payment has the refund facility. If you want to get a refund then you have to choose a reason for the refund and have to specify a refund amount at the item or order level and enter the desired refund amount, select the Send refund option. 

If you are not invited there you can send a request to ebay to send an invitation to you and merge the US managed payments account into your US ebay sellers account. 

you want to be aware of some of the current limitations before you decide to join.

Managed payment systems simplify the complicated checkout system previously used when PayPal was an active payment service for the buyers.

Let’s  discuss on the advantages of US ebay managed payments over the PayPal 

Improved Seller Fees

eBay charged seller fees while its function with PayPal was 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. 

However, after the ebay managed payments  the seller fee is 2.35% + $0.30 per order, with this the seller saves 0.55% when compared to PayPal.

Better conversion rate 

PayPal account holders have to cross strict restrictions while doing transactions, this in some cases frustrates the sellers and they do cart abandonment without doing payments.

The managed payment removes all the checkout complications, increases the payment options to choose from, and makes things easier for your buyers. 

This allows the buyers to easily complete their payments with the managed payments option and this increases the conversion rates more easily than paypal.


The US managed payment brings friendly reports on the user availability, timely reports, and updated reports. 

All these reports cover the monthly statements, order, payout and post-transaction reports, performance insights, and tax reports.

Processing Fee

In 2018, eBay managed payments processing fee: 2.7%

PayPal’s Processing fee: 2.9% + $0.30

In the processing fee section, eBay managed payments seems to be more beneficial to your eBay sellers account

 September 1st, 2020 eBay began applying the full Simplified fee on the total sale amount of item price + shipping + sales tax.

This fee structure is both seller collected and eBay collected under Marketplace Facilitator laws.  In case of any refunds or cancellations, eBay will keep only the order fee and return the remaining portion to you.

Based on this aspect, this seller consistently been getting an averaging of about 3% savings in the managed payments account when compared to the PayPal system

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